Target tax-deductible giving to the youth justice focus which best reflects your head & heart.

Designated Beneficiary Funds

Jordan BrownJordan Brown Trust Fund

At 11 years old, Jordan is wrongfully accused of double homicide, charged as an adult and at risk of life-without-parole, and has fought for 2 years to be tried as a juvenile. He is being railroaded by corrupt authorities who involved his case in electoral politics. Help him prove his innocence.

Paul Henry GingerichPaul Gingerich Trust Fund

At 12 years old Paul is forced to admit to being an accessory to a murder he was trying to prevent, charged as an adult, and unfairly sentenced to a 30-year term in adult prison. Help him win an appeal and be judged as a juvenile.

Noah CrooksNoah Crooks Fund

At 13 years, having been misdiagnosed by his doctor and under the influence of drugs that resulted in a temporary psychosis, Noah killed his mother. Through the influence of the Redemption Project, Noah's father hired the best criminal defense attorneys in Iowa, who won Noah a favorable jury verdict through which he will receive the rehabilitative help he needs until age 18. We paid the fees of an expert witness whose testimony was crucial to Noah's receiving this verdict. Yet it will take a lifetime for Noah to heal. Help him, please.

Alex and Derek KingAlex & Derek King Trusts

At 12 and 13 years old, Alex and Derek are manipulated to kill their father by a 40-year-old pedophile. After a bizarre, infamous trial, they served 7- and 8-year sentences. Yet they continue to be persecuted for their pasts. Help them create new lives.

Austin EversoleAustin Eversole Fund

At 15 years, after years of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, Austin killed his abusive father. Social service agencies failed him, he received a negligent defense, evidence of the abuse was never heard by the judge, was pressured into an unfair plea agreement, and now serves a 40-year prison sentence. Help him win his freedom.

Nathan YbanezNathan Ybanez Fund

At 16 years, after years of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, Nathan killed his mother. Social service agencies failed him, prosecutors built a case with perjured testimony, he received an inadequate defense, and now serves life-without-parole. Yet through the crucible of prison he’s transformed himself into a living national treasure. Help him win his freedom.

Estrella Vista and Corazon PeakEstrella Vista Trust

Help create a youth encampment desert retreat near Big Bend National Park in West Texas. Here is offered effective rehabilitation, “green” building training, a safe self-sufficient community living in harmony with God and nature, and a permanent home for abandoned youth they can control, visit and use for the rest of their lives.

Field-of-Interest Funds

Parricide Initiative

Every year in the US, approximately thirty children kill a parent, usually as a desperate result of years of severe abuse. The justice system seems to have a capacity only to make bad situations worse for kids and families. Our direct services offer a better way.

Prison-to-Freedom Transition

A completed prison sentence does not necessarily pay one’s debt to society, which can seem unforgiving to a young person trying to re-enter the world. We offer critical job-seeking, educational, housing, and other transitional mentorship and support.

Accountability Projects

Corrupt, self-serving, and cruel people in the criminal justice and corrections industries make young lives a living hell and ensure recidivism, mental illness, and other lifelong problems for kids. It’s high time for “bad apples” to be held personally accountable.

General Operating Fund

Support the day-to-day operations of the Redemption Project and its service network partners. Systemic solutions require strategic coordination, quality control, and shared resources that can swing the pendulum from retribution to redemption.

Donor-Advised Funds

The Redemption Project can provide a platform for donors who wish to not only contribute money, but valuable contacts and expertise that can be a game-changer for  juvenile justice in America.