Accountability Projects

Accountability ProjectesUnfortunately, the criminal justice and corrections systems are magnets for a minority of individuals who delight in power-tripping,  domination, and brutality at the expense of vulnerable, weak, and defenseless kids. These “bad apples” do a tremendous amount of damage, not only to the young people they are supposed to be protecting, but to the integrity and credibility of the institutions they serve.

Yet they all to often act with impunity and without fear of personal consequences for the evil they do.

Corrupt judges, cruel prosecutors, dirty cops, and sadistic prison guards too often enjoy immunity, whether official or informal—the outcomes of the  notorious “Kids for Cash” scandal notwithstanding.

To protect the kids we serve against malevolent public employees, the Redemption Project as necessary conducts deep background checks, private investigations, media exposes and other legal actions aimed at creating serious personal  consequences for official wrongdoers.

The goal for these Accountability Projects is behavior change, not system reform. Your financial support of this work will level the playing field and give our kids a better chance for survival.

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