Parricide Initiative

Parricide is the murdering of one's father, mother, or other near relative in a guardian role. It is extremely rare—between 250 and 300 cases annually in the US—the vast majority of which are committed by adult children. Parricides committed by kids are rarer yet—about 30 per year.

Severely abused children account for the greatest frequency of parricides. Examples of child maltreatment which leads to parricides are: physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse; physical, medical and emotional neglect; abandonment.  These kids usually fail in their attempts to get help, receive little or no adult intervention, have a history of running away and failed escapes—often being returned by police to their abusers.

They see no other way but homicide to end the abuse and they kill out of desperation or terror. By virtue of their victimization and immaturity, these children are not culpable in a criminal sense.  More than 90% of these kids never reoffend in any way.

It reflects the rarity of these cases that law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, child welfare workers, and others are ill-prepared to recognize, understand, and appropriately deal with parricides in the best interests of children, families, and society. When dealt with from a position of ignorance and inexperience, injustice inevitably results.

Parricides are the main focus of the Redemption Project.  Our purpose is to serve justice and aid these vulnerable children with the best brains, muscle, resources, and expertise available in the US.  Our commitment is lifelong and unconditional and we will support their redemption without fail.

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